Letter from the President of GHTC

Letter from the President of GHTC

Dear friends and colleagues! Dear GHTC family!

First of all I want to greet all of you from sunny Baku. With a great pleasure, I would like to express my deepest respect to my brother Mr. Emin Cakmak and thank him for his indispensable effort in Health Tourism of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Also, would like to thank him for help in integration of Azerbaijan Health Tourism sector into world health community.

I am very thankful for choosing and in trust me for this great position. During my presidency, I will try to justify your hopes.

This post is a great honor for me and your trust is a great stimulus. We will be happy and honored to host the great personalities who will be guests and participants of Global Healthcare Forum in Azerbaijan where you will have a good chance to get acquainted with culture, modern life, cuisine and people of our country.

I am pleased to greet the whole GHTC family and proud of being represented in this organization. Indeed, the fact that Azerbaijan is involved in this platform and contributing to the development of the World Health Tourism market. Today GHTC became professional, comprehensive and perfect association in the world.

Our main goal is to introduce the world our health tourism traditions as a destination through new innovative systems and start-ups and to become a major player in the Global Tourism for Healthcare.

I express my respect for your support to the GHTC. Guarding of this post is very honorable and responsible task.

Having chosen as a Vice President in the Global Healthcare Forum in the Jordanian Kingdom of Hashimish, has played valuable role in the integrating of Azerbaijan into the system of health tourism in the world. As an organization, we are committed to the principles of the Amman Declaration and the systematic approach to the application and transformation of the scientific-theoretical and practical aspects of the 8th segment of health tourism in our countries.

At the same time, being a member of both Islamic and European organizations, Azerbaijan absorbs the values of both civilizations, thus enabling it to assume a role of genuine bridge. This is yet another reason for Azerbaijan being called a bridge between civilizations.

Today health tourism is growing everywhere turning into a global tendency of the modern tourism industry. We consider that, the mutual relations will strengthen our collaboration between our health tourism sectors. Azerbaijan is one of the countries of new destination with potential resources of health tourism.

We look forward to having mutual positive and fruitful results for the benefits of GHTC members relations.

Wish you healthy life and happiness

Ruslan Guliyev


Global Healthcare Travel Council

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